Dear Amber, 

You are the greatest friend I have ever had. and so lucky to have had for nearly twenty years. 
Twenty years! Today I gave advice to 18 year old Sofie, the daughter of my parents best friends in Denmark. she's leaving home and moving to London and was hoping to have some questions answered. 
It's crazy to think that I lived there for five years. I wondered what 18 year old Seal would have liked to have heard... Banks, rent, deposits, jobs, money, travel...it all works out in the end... life happens and its good. 

Amber, you are the coolest person I know. when life happens with you, its ├╝ber good!

Thank you for twenty years of laughter, growth, support and love.

I treasure our friendship beyond words.

I love you


My letters from the 90s



I've compiled a 'little' wish list for my mother. She's always keen to knit for me. and she's damn good at it too! As Autumn is approaching and with Winter close behind, I dream of being snug in the coming cold days. 

All images sourced from the knit inspiration board on my 
moms Pinterest.