Feeling so lucky to have spent this year with you. Biggest happy birthday to the greatest man i know and the bestest friend I have. So many more birthdays to come, and with every year i will strive to make you the happiest. May 28 be a smashing year!  


Our friend Simon is a drummer and has a studio space that he rents in an apartment block only occupied with musicians and bands. We've been jamming some Juki & Seal tunes with him every week, with the plan of playing some live shows in the future. 

We're lucky in that all our gear can be set up in the studio for a cheap monthly rent. Its great to see my casio out on display! 

Juki's cousin Mischa has also started jamming with us and at the moment we're playing with the idea of the band being called River Bär...what you think?


 a wishlist of styles for the autumn approaching 

After two months of separation anxiety, I am finally reunited with our Box, which has been patiently waiting for us in the garage of Juki's great aunt. I remember the day our box was picked up from our East London home & feeling so very uneasy with watching it disappear into a truck... But look, here it is! In one piece may I add :)  I'm still so impressed how we managed to pack everything so snug. Many of these trinkets & belongings have literally traveled the world with me but this will probably be the last time that our home will simply fit into one giant box. Next time we move countries we'll probably be taken a little bit more with us...


Dear Amber, 

You are the greatest friend I have ever had. and so lucky to have had for nearly twenty years. 
Twenty years! Today I gave advice to 18 year old Sofie, the daughter of my parents best friends in Denmark. she's leaving home and moving to London and was hoping to have some questions answered. 
It's crazy to think that I lived there for five years. I wondered what 18 year old Seal would have liked to have heard... Banks, rent, deposits, jobs, money, travel...it all works out in the end... life happens and its good. 

Amber, you are the coolest person I know. when life happens with you, its über good!

Thank you for twenty years of laughter, growth, support and love.

I treasure our friendship beyond words.

I love you


My letters from the 90s