To be honest I was quite nervous about telling my parents that we are expecting a baby. Mostly because of our financial situation and me not wanting them to worry...and with being so far away from them...but of course they only had great things to say and are over the moon about becoming mormor & morfar! it's really sweet thinking about them as grandparents - not only are they gonna be by far the hottest grandparents but the most loving, supportive, fun and giving pair of grandparents out there. Little Bean, you're a lucky one! 

My mom has already begun knitting the kid a whole wardrobe. Taking vintage patterns and giving them a funky edge is her thing and she's creating some really awesome pieces of hand made goodness. Oooo I can't wait to snuggle your sweet bod in mormors knits this coming Winter. 

I've been telling her forever to get a blog going or at least an Instagram where she can share images of the pieces she knits  - but until she does I'll keep pushing and telling her how amazing she is! Below are two examples of her mastery :) 

 also check out her Pinterest board  'Knits for the little ones' 

mom you're the best x 


On the day before my birthday we found out that theres a little bean growing in my tum tum <3 Talk about surprise birthday present! 

Juki and I have spoken about our future children since the day we started dating, so we're super excited about having a little human joining our gang - but we weren't exactly planning on it happening this soon - especially considering Juki's a freelancer and I'm a struggling artist manager without health insurance, and we live month to month not sure how we're going to make ends meet - but  we somehow always do.

and i guess thats why im not panicking - because somehow we always make it work - all those practical things that can seem so big and scary always somehow fall into place...and its cause we're a frikken good team! i guess thats the most important thing of all - doing life with you makes me fearless. <3 



Last Sunday I celebrated my 26th birthday with family & friends over brunch at our place. Growing up, birthdays at the Thulin's always involved my dad waking up earlier than everyone to make pancakes, eggs and crispy bacon - so my only wish this year was PANCAKES! :D

For as long as I can remember I've dreamed of living in a place where I can have people come over and have there be enough room for friends to enjoy a meal and feel at home - and boy do i feel grateful that we finally have that now - i don't even care that guests have to sit on the floor,, the fact that we have a room separate to our bedroom that we can entertain in makes me feel so super grateful - things like that I never want to take for granted.