In the beginning of next year Arjuna and I will be looking for our own home in Berlin - until then we're sublettting his cousin Basti's studio flat in Wedding. We plan on finding something we can make our home for the next coming years.  We'd love at least two rooms, a large kitchen and a balcony! Yes please! 

Walking the streets, you'll find me looking up, dreaming of my future sunny balcony. and damn there are some great ones in this city. nom nom. 

It'll be my first real go at green thumbing it, but i have faith that it'll be such a satisfying experience. I have six months to prep for my balcony gardening days and I've started here 

It's Sunday today and apparently 34 degrees. We walked around Neuk├Âlln, ate spicy Indian food, found home-made Swedish buns and sat by the Landwehr Canal having a beer with an awesome couple - who also make music, so we're having a musical jam on Wednesday. I'm excited to get back into making music!  

20 - 07 - 2014

A lot of crazy things have been happening in the world lately. It's difficult to predict what the future holds, but my guts telling me that city life aint gonna be the ideal for much longer. I think going remote will be the way to go. 

On Saturday we drove an hour out of Berlin to a cottage by a lake. It felt instantly good to be surrounded by green trees again. 

Arjuna's mom, Tina borrowed the keys from a friend in their building. Steve's 85 year old dad is visiting from Cape Town, so the five of us went on a day trip to a house by the lake. 

We swam, played tunes on the guitar, ate German rolls with cheese & I got the sudden urge to press flowers?

It's always such a pleasure getting out of the city, even if it's just for a day.


Had you told me a month ago that I'd be going to the open day of the University of Arts in Berlin, I wouldn't have believed you. Ever since my Degree Show I've been convinced my studying days are over. However, last week I strangely enough began entertaining the idea of doing a Masters.  

Whilst looking around, I found one in Leadership in Digital Communication, which I think sounds quite interesting. It so happened that the University was opening their doors to the public for the weekend. I had read that it's one of the most anticipated art events of the year. 

I'm so glad we went. The building is beautiful and the light coming through those windows is something else. To my surprise, I not only enjoyed being in a university but I really liked the artwork on display and I felt inspired walking through the workshops & studios.

It was an absolute pleasure shooting in that light.


Curate, make & sell beautiful, once off pieces of handcrafted design. 

For quite some time now, I've been wanting to sell the things I make online. As soon as we've unpacked our large box with all our goodies, which is in Arjunas great aunts garage, I promise I will get it together ! The plan is to get back into designing patterns for printing on textile, carve more lino face stamps and get back into sourcing beautiful fabrics for making necklaces. Yes please !

Today I finished off this schweet website to showcase Arjunas awesome abilities. Such a talent he is !

I'm not able to attend my graduation ceremony as I'm here in Berlin but I didn't let that stop me from getting a photo done ;)