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On Saturday we met with our South African friend Graham at a cafe by Rosenthaler Platz. Arjuna saw that they were advertising for staff so he asked the waitress and, long story short, I was employed the next day on my first shift.

Since then I've had 5 shifts and it's been some pretty demanding work so far. Thankfully, my ten years of experience in hospitality is paying off. Yes, ten years! When I realised it the other day, I took a look back on all the mini jobs that I've had, and I got to say, I was impressed.

After all the years of mini jobs, this one is of course different. This is the first time I'm working in a cafe on minimum wage, no longer as a youth or student with the goal of paying my way through university. Now it's big world stuff.

I’ve made a board on Pinterest where I’m collecting images that speak to Meisie Meisie.

Its been an intuitive selection and so good to get a visual idea of where my heart lies. 

I am yet to discover whether it is a blessing or a curse that I want to spend my life pursuing many various creative things. Having recently graduated, I’m feeling the pressure to narrow down all the various possibilities and struggling not to dream that there must be somehow to incorporate it all! 

Looking at this mood board, in a way, is like an encrypted message calling to be cracked. There’s an answer there somewhere. 


In the first year of art school I was drawing a lot of faces.

Here I've gone back to some original drawings and played around with making designs for textile and pillows.

 It would be cool if each character had a little back story - right now I have 135 different faces to play around with. It will be called The Doppelganger Collection, and the first to join are Louis & John. 

Louis is a French magician, who's incredibably talented in mime. 
He fell in love with a Spanish lady once and runs marathons every year, hoping he'll see her again. He is a quiet man and always wears red shoes. 

John has never told a joke. He secretly yearns to write a book and knows all about the Second World War. He's a surprisingly good cook and he always keeps his promises. 


Making pretty pink patterned giffs. I think these would make cool tote bags.


This weekend we joined a group of thirty friends and went camping by the lake. I wish I had taken more photos of our time there! So much effort was put into the small gathering. There was a bubble machine, heart shaped helium balloons, a cheap bar (hence why I didnt have my camera on me), a DJ booth and overall awesome vibes! 

Love love love camping, even though I got eaten up by mosquitos. Who ever tells you gin & tonic keeps them away is lying. In the morning we decided to embark on a 12km hungover trek to the train station, cause we didn't want to wait around for our lift to sober up...twas quite a journey. On the way we found a large rock that gave you water when you pressed in a green marble that we were lucky to find.