Whilst I've been here in Sweden, Jukis been working on finding us a new home in Berlin. It hasn't been easy but he's found us a new home! and in Wedding, which means we get to stay in the area that we're grown fond of! We had to be out of our current place by the 1st of february, so it couldn't be better timing. The apartment is on the 3rd floor and has a balcony! We'll have two rooms for the first time and a kitchen that needs kitchenware. It has real wood flooring and high ceilings and light! Green trees and wide streets. Im excited! 


Christmas time has been a jolly time! Our first in Berlin, filled with gluwein and biscuits. I added some Scandinavian pazaaz, with farmors cinnamon buns and mors frikadellar. and as you can see I had a lot of fun wrapping presents! At Tina & Steve's we decorated the christmas tree and ate cold table before going to the church next door. Juki was the christmas man and handed out the gifts, which even included presents from my parents in Cape Town. We stayed the night and ate juicy duck for lunch before Juki and I went home to our cozy little abode. 




Feeling so lucky to have spent this year with you. Biggest happy birthday to the greatest man i know and the bestest friend I have. So many more birthdays to come, and with every year i will strive to make you the happiest. May 28 be a smashing year!  


Our friend Simon is a drumming teacher and has a studio space which he rents out in a huge apartment block only occupied with musicians and bands. We've been jamming some Juki & Seal tunes with him every week, with the plan of playing some live shows in the future. 

We're lucky that all of our gear can be set up and stored in his studio for a cheap monthly rent. I'm super happy that my Casio can finally come out to play! She's literally travelled the world with me. 

Juki's cousin Mischa has also started jamming with us, so we're currently a four piece band! How exciting! we're playing with the idea of calling our band River Bär...whatcha think?

Today was a lovely Sunday

Ever since moving to Berlin I've been eyeing out the Nutcrackers that every market here seems to sell but I haven't found the perfect one...until today! Aint he just great! 

I think I'll call him Ralph... 


Last night we went over for dinner at our friends Jp and Franzi. 
We ate delicious peppers stuffed with creamy cheese and sipped on one too many elderflower spritzers and at the end of the night I left their place not only being happily inebriated but also with a new and exciting job! 

Jp is a fellow South African who Juki met for the first time in Berlin a couple of years ago when he was first living here. Jp moved to Berlin four years ago after falling in love with a German girl, but when things didn't work out he decided to stay and pursue a career in music management. 

He's now the manager of a handful of up and coming bands and works really hard at promoting and helping talent that he believes in! and now I'll be helping out too! How cool is that?!?

I'm super excited about working with Jp and his little team at Acousoul! 
I have such an overwhelming positive feeling about all of this!

Check it out - Here are three of the bands that we are involved in managing and promoting!